2020 Events

2020 ADS National Convention Cancelation
The 74th Annual ADS National Convention, which was to have taken place on May 24-27th in Savannah, GA, has been canceled because of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. In a communication released yesterday by Scott Elliott,
he stated that the Savannah convention will not be postponed until a later date due to many considerations.  The next convention remains in Hattiesburg, MS, in 2021, followed by Asheville in 2022.  There are no conventions scheduled after this date.

All Savannah registrants will receive a full refund of their registration fees.  It will take a few months to get refunds out to everyone.  If you have hotel reservations and do not plan on visiting Savannah, please make sure to cancel them now.  There are no penalties for cancellations that are made at least 72 hours before arrival. On some brighter notes, the convention hotel, The DeSoto, will honor the discounted rates for those still wanting to visit Savannah on their own.  

Maneki Neko Gardens will be open for visitors on Saturday, May 23th, Tuesday, May 26th, and Wednesday, May 27th.  Scott will be checking with the Joiners to see if they will be open, but he feels sure that they will.  They plan on giving out the registration gift plants (at least two per person, probably more) and the 2020 convention bags to those present in the garden.  Jacob Braun and Jim Cruise will also be preparing a virtual garden tour of both gardens.  This should be a fun event for those still under lockdown. 

An online auction of the plants donated to the convention is being planned to help cover some of the costs associated with the convention. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available.

2020 ADS Awards and Honors
One of the important events during our National Convention is the conferring of awards, both for individual cultivars and personal achievement.  To honor our award-winners (many of them once-in-a-lifetime awards) publicly and in person, our Awards and Honors Chair, Rhonda Veroeven, has worked diligently for the past few weeks and prepared the entire awards and honors night in a format which will allow us to stream all the awards and honors live on Tuesday evening, May 26th.  It will also be saved as a YouTube video which will be available to all interested parties.  Jacob Braun and Jim Cruise will be supplying the technical expertise for this endeavor.  This is excellent news for Region One members, given that they will be able to see Nan Ripley's Stout Medal Award conferral.

Region One 2020 Summer Regional Canceled
On behalf of CVIDS President Nancy Rash, I am sorry to relay to you the sad news that the Region One Summer Meeting ("20/20: A Perfect Daylily Vision"), which was scheduled to take place at the Hotel Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids on July 10-12th, has been canceled. After discussion with the CVIDS Board and Region One President Val Hoefer, and having received feedback from the CVIDS membership, it was felt that, given the current uncertainty regarding the spread and potency of the coronavirus, the risk to meeting organizers and guests was too great to go ahead as scheduled. For more details, please access a letter from Meeting Chair Keith Riewerts to Nancy and CVIDS members.

A great deal of time has been spent planning and designing this summer meeting. Nancy thanks all who have participated and contributed to the meeting. It is extremely disappointing to cancel, but we will all be grateful for the next opportunity we have to be together. Your work on the 2020 Region One meeting is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Keith Riewerts (RKRKRKR@netins.net, (563)-285-8941).

CIDS Pollen Dabbers
September 11-12th
Friday, 5-9 PM. Saturday, 8 AM - 5 PM
Fisher Community Center, Marshalltown - Room A
709 South Center St., Marshalltown, IA 50158
For further information: Pollen Dabbers