What's New?

February 9: Looking for the registration form for the 2020 ADS Convention in Savannah, GA? You need look no further, just click here!

February 1:
Updated the contact information for Region One officers and liaisons.

January 23:
Are you tired of looking out your window and seeing snow and ice? Have you had enough of snow shoveling yet? Yes, I realize that it's January in the Midwest but how about thinking "Summer" for a moment? Visit the Home Page to learn the latest about the Region One Summer Meeting that CVIDS is organizing for July 10-12th. I promise you that it'll surely take your mind off the cold and the Packers' loss for a while!

January 8, 2020:
Happy New Decade to you and your family! Visit the Home Page to obtain information about the January 12-18th Live Auction on the ADS website!

December 19:
For a pdf file of the Fall-Winter 2019 digital issue of the The Daylily Pioneer, please click here.

November 23:
Please visit the Home Page to access the Fall-Winter 2019 digital issue of The Daylily Pioneer kindly provided by our new Region One Editor Kathleen Lamb. Thank you, Kathleen, for a very fine issue. Enjoy!

November 10:
The Home Page now provides you with more information about the prestigious AHS awards presented this summer to three of our Region One members as well as a preliminary announcement about the 2020 Region One Regional in Cedar Rapids.

September 16:
The Home Page will provide you with the results of our 2019 Region One Popularity Poll, kindly submitted by Steve Horan.

July 30:
On the Home Page, you will find an update about the recent 2019 Regional Meeting in Omaha, two awards made to Region One members at the 2019 National Meeting in Madison, and an update on daylily donations received by the NDSU Historic Daylily Display Garden. Also, you have until September 1st to send in your completed ballot to the 2019 Region One Popularity Poll. Details are provided on the Home Page.

May 29:
Please visit the Home Page to learn about: (i) the recent passing of Gerald Hobbs (CVIDS), (ii) an invitation to attend the memorial for Bryce Farnsworth in Fargo, ND, on September 5th, and (iii) a plea for help from Lisa Schmidt and Barb Laschkewitsch who would like to replace daylily cultivars lost in recent years at the NDSU Historic Daylily Display Garden in Fargo.

May 9:
To help NDS put on a first-class Regional Meeting in early July, it would be very helpful to them to get a better idea of how many attendees they should expect. If you know that you're going to attend the meeting but haven't yet registered, please go ahead and register ASAP. Visit the Home Page for meeting details and registration form.

April 29:
Added a link to the 2018 North Dakota State University Historic Daylilies List. Many thanks to Joan Zettel for the new list.

March 31:
Added a link on the Home Page to the Central North Dakota Daylily Society calendar of events for 2019.

March 25:
Added a link on the AHS Display Gardens page to Linda Ferguson's new blog.

February 27:
Uploaded the roster of 2019 AHS Region One Garden Judges and Instructors kindly provided by Mary Baker.

February 16:
I have uploaded an invitation to all Region One hybridizers from Sue Kramer (CVIDS) regarding the opportunity to display registered guest plants and also seedlings being considered for Junior Citation awards during the 2020 Regional Meeting in Cedar Rapids. Also, the meeting schedules for five of the Region One clubs are now available.

February 8:
Made two additional revisions regarding the 2019 AHS Region One Meeting in Omaha in July. First, you should be aware that the session "A Lively Conversation about Growing Daylilies", with Linda Ferguson as host, has been cancelled. Secondly, the Meeting Registration Form has been revised to reflect recently made changes. Please use this revised form when you are registering. It's very easy to use because of its fillable fields. One further tip! Mary Baker is doing a fantastic job on our Region One's blogsite describing the various gardens on the 2019 Meeting schedule. Take a looksie! Thank you, Mary!

January 22, 2019:
Made two revisions regarding the 2019 AHS Region One Meeting in Omaha in July. First, please note that on Friday from 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm Tim Morrissey (teleost.tim@gmail.com) will host the Region One Hybridizers Slide Presentations. See the latest, greatest daylily creations from our very own hybridizers! Secondly, Phil Fass will chair and instruct Garden Judges Workshop 2 with Don Lovell from 9:00 am until 11:00 am on Sunday at McIntosh Daylily Place (outdoor restroom facilities will be available). Garden Judges Workshop 1 is canceled due to lack of available Garden Judge Instructors.

December 29:
Congratulations to Karol Emmerich on her Stout Silver Medal.

November 3:
Provided an introduction to the Region One VEEP Scroll Award.

October 30:
Updated the list of Region One officers and liaisons. This reflects that Kathy Larson will assume the position of Region One Historian following the passing in September of Bryce Farnsworth. Keith Riewerts will take over from Jonathan Poulton as Science Liaison.

September 24:
Uploaded the 2018 Region One Pop Poll results.

September 17:
Bryce Farnsworth's funeral will take place on Thursday, September 20th, at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in McHenry, ND. Visitation is at 9 am with the funeral service beginning at 10 am.  Bryce's obituary can be accessed here.

September 15:
I am very saddened to announce that our Region One Historian Bryce Farnsworth passed away unexpectedly on September 13th. Please visit the Home Page for an article by Mary Baker remembering this fine and accomplished gentleman. Minutes of the 2018 Board and Business Meetings, kindly provided by Secretary Kris Henning, can also be accessed there.

August 31:
Please note that CIDS will be holding Pollen Dabbers 2019 in September, not in the spring. Dates can be found on the Home Page.

August 29:
Visit the Home Page to find information about the 2019 Summer Regional in Nebraska and the new Region One blogsite.

August 11:
You are invited to participate in the 2018 Regon One Pop Poll. For details, visit the Home Page. Please note that the postmark deadline is September 1st, 2018.

July 19:
No less than nine Open Gardens are being offered during the 2018 Summer Meeting in Bismarck. Please click here for further information.

July 17:
Posted additional updates on the Home Page about the Hybridizers' Forum and Region One Board Meeting, both on Friday afternoon. Also, check out a video of Susan Holland's open garden in Bismarck!

July 7:
Posted several important updates on the Home Page about the upcoming meeting.

June 20:
Posted a pdf link to The Daylily Pioneer, Volume 19, No. 1 - Spring 2018.

June 18:
Posted on the Home Page two items of interest related to the recent 2018 AHS National Convention.

June 17:
Posted a revised list of Region One officers that recognizes that Zora Ronan has stepped down as President. Thank you, Zora, for your invaluable service to our Region. Val Hoefer will take over as President until year's end. Please note that Val is our candidate on the ballot for the 2019-2020 term already.

June 13:
Posted a letter from ND Summer Meeting Chair Janell Quinlan containing lots of important information about the upcoming event.

May 22:
Uploaded a reminder that, if you'd like to pay the reduced earlybird registration for the 2018 North Dakota Summer Meeting, you must register by June 15th.

March 25:
Uploaded a review of the recent Pollen Dabbers 2018 meeting in Marshalltown, IA.

March 12:
Don't forget! Pollen Dabbers is this upcoming weekend in Marshalltown, IA. Please go to the Home Page for further information.

February 6, 2018:
Have recently uploaded the latest information about the Summer Regional. Please take a moment to register! Posted a list of 2018 Region One Garden Judges. Thank you, Susan and Mary!

December 19:
Uploaded the CIDS 2018 Calendar.

December 15:
Go to the Home Page to access a fun video about the gardens we'll visit during the North Dakota Region One Summer Meeting in 2018!

December 14:
Updated information about the 2018 Summer Regional meeting.

November 16:
Made several updates on a restructured Home Page.

September 11:
Posted the results of the 2017 Pop Poll for Region One. Thanks, Steve Horan, for the data!

August 28: I am pleased to announce that Mary Baker was appointed and ratified/approved by unanimous email vote of the AHS Board of Directors to become AHS Region One Director, effective 8/22/17. She has replaced Kyle Billadeau.  Additionally, Mary will become AHS Garden Judges Records Chair beginning 1/1/18, after retired AHS Director Pat Soileau steps down from that role.

July 15: Two Region One members were recognized at the recent AHS National Convention in Norfolk, VA. Nan Ripley (Walkabout Gardens) received the 2017 AHS Regional Service Award for Region One for her many contributions to our region. Jonathan Poulton was awarded the Best Scientific Award for his article "Genetically Engineering Those Blues?" that was published in the Daylily Pioneer, Vol. 17, No. 2, Fall 2016.

June 5:
Uploaded the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 issues of The Daylily Pioneer.
Click here for access.

June 1: Please note that, as of today, there are only 18 spots remaining for the Summer Regional. Make sure that you make your reservation ASAP!

March 26:
Check out the Region One Hall of Fame section on the Home Page to see the 2017 Region 1 Popularity Poll Ballot kindly provided by Steve Horan.

February 27:
Posted a link to AHS Daylily Journal article describing the award of their 2016 Region One Service Award to Donna Steele (Dakota Prairie Daylily Society). Updated Kyle Billadeau's address.

February 23:
Posted the list of 2017 AHS Region One Garden Judges and Instructors. Thank you, Mary Baker!

February 3:
Please click here to view important updates on the 2017 Region One Summer Regional!

January 31, 2017:
Please note that the Home Page has been revised to provide information about our Summer Regional in Minnesota as well as some national awards received by our members. Also, by clicking on "The Daylily Pioneer" in the choices box on each webpage, you will be able to access the two most recent issues of that publication.

November 17:
What incredible fall weather we've been enjoying! Today will be my last day in the field. It should be 73 degrees F and sunny all day, but winter will take over tonight, beginning with a cold front that will sweep across the Midwest by dawn tomorrow. It's been a wonderful season here, and I hope that yours has been equally good. I shall now have plenty of time to work on the website, so, if you have materials for me to add, please forward them to me at: jonathan-poulton@uiowa.edu. Please visit the Home Page for the following updates: (i) an announcement of individual cultivar awards made to Region One hybridizers, (ii) links to publications in the Daylily Pioneer by Region One AHS members that won national recognition, (iii) 2016 Pop Poll results, (iv) a slightly revised Region One meeting calendar, and (v) some photos taken on the 2016 Garden Tour (do you have any of your photos that you'd like posted?).

August 23:
I have updated the Home Page to: (i) thank everyone who was involved in making the 2016 Summer Regional in Flandreau, SD, such a great success, (ii) announce the newly elected AHS Region One President, and (iii) extend an invitation on behalf of the Daylily Society of Minnesota to the 2017 Summer Regional. I request attendees of the Flandreau 2016 Summer Regional to send me photos that could be posted on our website. Please send them as e-mail attachments to: jonathan-poulton@uiowa.edu. Thank you! In the next few days, I shall be posting links to some fascinating articles by Mary Baker and co-authors that explain how the Historic Display Garden at North Dakota State University was established.

May 8: I'm very grateful for the feedback that I've received from all over our Region, including many superb photos that I'll post as time allows in the next couple of weeks. It has been brought to my attention that the Daylily-of-the-Valley Society in Lexington (NE) and the Nebraska Daylily Memorial Garden at Northeast Community College are no longer in existence, so I have deleted them from the website. If you have evidence to the contrary, please let me know. Also, if you discover other revisions that should be made, I'd be delighted to receive them. Thank you! I intend to shift this website to a new, permanent address this week but will ensure that you receive the new URL.

May 4:
I should mention a couple of items here that I'm working on. First, I should advise you that, when you click on "The Daylily Pioneer", the large pdf file opens up quite quickly, but your screen may remain white (as if it's still trying to open up). Just scroll down a bit and you'll discover that the entire issue is there with the exception of the cover page! I hope to rectify that situation soon. Secondly, I need to find a good spot to acknowledge that the daylily in the Region One logo (see above) is of course 'North Wind Dancer', introduced by one of our Region's hybridizers, gary Schaben, in 2001. This cultivar received the Stout Silver Medal in 2011.

May 1, 2017:
Welcome to the new AHS Region One website. I hope that you will like the easy-to-use format. In the future, I shall use this page to make you aware of recent changes to our website. I welcome feedback as well as contributions to the website (jonathan-poulton@uiowa.edu). I would greatly appreciate receiving photos of your gardens and favorite daylilies. Thank you in advance.